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Xinruncheng Ceramics has been appraised as one of the "Top Ten Ceramic Brands"大阳城贵宾会登录

Date:2013-9-28 09:34


Xinruncheng Ceramics has been appraised as one of the "Top Ten Ceramic Brands"



       In the afternoon of April 12, 2012, "Cross-Domain Economic Breakthrough and Hope in Ice Age - Second China Real Estate and Pan-Home Industry Cross-Border Summit and 2012 China Building and Sanitary Ceramics ‘Top Ten’ Brands Awards" Ceremony was held grandly in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Wang Wenyuan, former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Chen Huai, deputy director of the Market Research Institute of Development Research Center of the State Council, the leaders including the director of Urban Housing Industrialization Promotion Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development, leaders of the ceramic industry association, leaders and representatives of the ceramic enterprises, as well as magnates, leaders, designers, real estate merchants, dealers and distributors and other representatives of the building industry attended the awards ceremony. 50 Chinese and foreign mainstream media and news agencies including Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, etc, witnessed the pomp of the ceremony. In this awards ceremony, Xinruncheng Ceramics was appraised as one of the "Top Ten Ceramic Brands"

       As we know, these activities were jointly organized by China Ceramic Network, China Real Estate Network, China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association, and China Building Materials Circulation Association. In these activities, the appraisal of 2012 Ten Chinese Building and Sanitary Ceramics Brand was lasted for nearly two months, on the basis of conducting Internet voting, the organizers also commissioned the relevant ceramic distribution industries and professional survey companies of third countries to conduct investigations through questionnaires in the terminal markets, and organized independent voting by a panel of experts consists of the leaders of the Ceramic Industry Association, the experienced professionals of the industry, store representatives, media representatives, the excellent brand list which really represents building and sanitary ceramics industry was finally selected.


In the network voting phase of the activity, Xinruncheng Ceramics brands participating in the appraisal were enthusiastically accepted and praised by distributors and end consumers of the whole country. On the online voting page, the number of votes of Xinruncheng Ceramics brands once ranked the position of the ten ceramic brands; the ultra-high network popularity also shows the powerful appeal of the company's brands, and the final list is the recognition and encouragement to the efforts and practical work of the company by the society.

        As one of China's largest modern enterprises specializing in the production of ceramic tiles, Xinruncheng Ceramics has always been pursuing zero-defect product quality and focusing to provide users with the best ceramic products as its mission, from its establishment to its burgeoning. Xinruncheng Ceramics spares no effort to investment into the new process technology, it has introduced the most advanced automatic production lines, SACMI7200 presses, long roller kilns with the largest annual output, and other first-class equipment from Italy. Its Qingyuan Production Base invested in 2009 now has been completed and put into full production, and the its polished tile and ceramic chip projects etc have been started. Among them, the ceramic chip production line uses the currently global industry’s most advanced and most cutting-edge inkjet ceramic tile printing technology and the fully automatic computer control mode, breaking the limitations of traditional offset printing and roller printing technology to keeps the leading advantage in the industry.

       In the future, Xinruncheng Ceramics will continue to adhere to the brand construction road of "Promoting development by brands and creating brands with strength," continuously improve its independent innovation capability and core competitiveness, and help the ceramic industry to develop in great

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