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Decoration tips

How to choose affordable high-quality ceramic tile in the tile?

1 see ceramic tile appearance is Just imagine, if the surface, the side of each tile is not smooth, again good Wagong also Putie not out the effect of the whole flat.

2 see ceramic tile surface is a problem spot, crack, slag, brick corrugated, missing glaze, same size.

3 see ceramic tile patterns. Design of good product design and color, delicate, lifelike, and ceramic tile patterns of poor quality will be lack of color, line, dislocation-大阳城贵宾会登录.

4 between tiles on the back of the color, the back of the glaze color is red, while the back tiles should be Milky white.

5 listen to the sound of ceramic tile, method is a laptop with the side of the brick, a good hand knock brick, brick sonorous voice, poor brick is low, stuffy. Once tried to distinguish glass and jade should think, similar methods is used, different is,-太阳集团33138 identify glass and jade is to listen to the voice of the collision itself.

6 see ceramic tile of hardness, after all, the same specifications of brick, Diandian in hand, more heavy brick that the density is, the higher the hardness.

7 see ceramic tile on the back of the rate of water absorption. The tile is over, to the rear drop some water, the slower the permeability, the more dense texture, inherent quality better, poor brick not only permeability quickly, not for a moment you turn it over the bricks, positive can give watermarking, there '' '-大阳城2138aaa.comphenomenon.

8 purchase of polishing brick is to see whether the dye absorption. For example: polishing brick some good brands of the industry's first pure bright technology, i.e. a layer with special function and stable structure of nanometer protective layer formed on the surface of common polished tile, completely fills the pores of polishing brick polishing brick surface formation, thus more pollution, more wear-resisting, anti slip performance better.

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